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Custom Design


Design Step 1: A successful design is one that evolves. The first step of this process begins in our kitchen cabinetry showroom, where product and style options are reviewed. In this showroom, you will have endless options to choose from to create a kitchen that is unique to your home and your lifestyle. Our designers will help guide you towards a look that fits you.

Design Step 2: We then move from our showroom into your home. We properly assess and confirm the conditions and dimensions. During this meeting, our design considerations and options evolve once more in order to realize your vision. Being in the space, we can visualize the designs available for you. From there, we can select what best suits you.

Design Step 3: After those two meetings, we move the third step back to our showroom. If our overall design and project cost estimate meets your needs, a nominal design fee will be collected. By paying this charge, you give us your consent to proceed to the next step. Based on the project scope, we will deduct this fee from your final contract payment.

Design Step 4: At this final step we prepare to place your order; all aspects of the job are verified. All the products and services that are included in your remodeling project will be listed in writing. Our team will meet with you as often as you deem necessary before the contract is signed. This is done so that every detail is ironed out and so that you are comfortable with every aspect of the job.

Finally! These design steps and services are there to assure you that the total project cost will remain constant from proposal to contract. If the scope of the project changes after the contract is signed, any variable costs will be brought to your attention and billed according to the time and material costs.

Aspire Kitchen & Bath employs a team of installers that we proudly call “the best”. Since our custom designs are at times complex, we choose experienced craftsmen who approach intricate crown molding and specialty cabinetry with the skill and finesse of artists. Their plumbing, electrical, and general carpentry knowledge mean that every aspect of your project will be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.